1. There is no limit to the number of properties one can subscribe to.
  2. There shall be a three months (3) waiting period.
  3. A sticker indicating a number to call in the event of a fault will be installed at the premises of all Home Assist members.
  4. There shall be no refund for cancellation or termination of membership.
  5. All members places of residence that are subscribed for will be legible for maintenance. if a member has more than one property, each property must be registered and subscribed for.
  6. Home Assist provides the technician and basic materials only. e.g Leak sealant, pan sealer and couplers.
  7. Membership does not include attendance to structural defects of any form  cracked walls, reconstruction of ceilings and roofs.
  8. The membership is confined to repairs and does not provide for installations.
  9. Installations, if required, shall be invoiced separately e.g. an installation of a geyser.
  10. If the member’s emergency is not provided for by this package, the member will be offered a free, non-obligation quote to consider.
  11. HOUSE VALUATION (After every two years if you need one). Please note that the member pays 50% of the total cost of valuation and Home Assist (Botswana) pays the remaining 50%. All valuations shall be done by a valuer appointed by Home Assist (Botswana).
  12. HOUSE PAINTING: Your property will be painted after every two years, on the condition that the house needs painting, and this applies to exterior only. Our assessors will inspect the property and make the final determination The member is responsible for buying the paint.
  13. Home Assist shall not turn be responsible for any damages,at member’s over place.
  14. Home Assist reserves the right to change the terms relating to the services at any time effective upon an updated version shared with the members via own website and email. Should the member not object to the new version by written communication to Home Assist ,shall then constitute the member’s consent to such changes.
  15. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by us or our employees in circumstances where:
    1. Such damage was not reasonably forseable.
    1. Such damages is caused by the member,for example by not  complying with this agreement
  17. Home Assist Botswana is committed to ensuring that you, the homeowner is always.
  18.  Attended to within 60 minutes.
  19. Attended to by a qualified and experienced technician.
  20. Given the best advice on issues pertaining to home maintenance.
  21. Given the best advice on where to get quality materials at affordable prices.
  22. Given quality advice on how to avoid the frequency of house faults and advice on general home care which have a direct impact on the value of your house.
  23. Issued with a Home Assist Membership board to be installed at all registered and subscribing houses.
  25. To ensure that you, the homeowner/member gets full benefits of the membership you are always to ensure that.
  26.  Your home is made accessible to Home Assist technicians on call.
  27.  You demand for the technician`s Home Assist Identity card and their national
  28. Identity Cards /passport and note the cards numbers.
  29.  Your subscriptions are up to date (otherwise you will not be attended to)
  30.  There is always someone in the home whilst our technicians are in
  31. Attendance.
  32. Complete the attendance form provided to you by the technicians.
  33.             The above shall be the terms and conditions governing your Home Assist membership.